As a continuation of the corporate path maintained by the Villar Revilla family, 'Señalizaciones Villar' was incorporated in 1981 as the first company in the Group to be dedicated to signage. Initially, the focus was on the production and installation of road signs, but diversification was soon to come, seeing the company working at the national level and becoming the leading company in signage, road safety and infrastructure preservation. Over the years, new lines of business have been added, turning Villar into a solid Business Group in terms of both resources and financial stability.

Our employees manage the resources, serve our clients, innovate and research: this is where all the know-how, scope and the future of the company lies. They are the prerequisite for the Group to continue growing and improving, hence our company has a significant commitment to continually improving their abilities, skills and motivation, while ensuring they have suitable working and safety conditions.

Grupo Villar believes that the training and development of their employees is a key feature in company strategy. Thus, we are working to implement continuous training programmes to improve both technical knowledge and the skills necessary for each individual job.

Our headquarters are located in Soria, while we have branches in a number of Autonomous Regions to pursue our activities across the length and breadth of the country - the goal being to provide a tailored, accessible service.